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World Peace - An hollow UN Nightmare

UN Failure in Maintaing world peace

World Peace – An Hallow UN Nightmare

When, after the First World War–I, the League of Nations (LON) was formed, the victorious nations assumed that there would be no more threat to the world peace. They also visualized that till the German natural resources are controlled, LON had eliminated the threat of future wars. How terribly they were proved wrong was evident, when just two decades later, the thundering Sounds of German, Italian and Japanese Armies soldiers boot were being heard in each and every corner of the Europe and South East Asia. Once again the causes of World War –II were attributed to the failure of LON and misunderstanding amongst leagues member nations.

Was it really true? No I do not believe. The true causes were; one, repeated humiliation of defeated nation’s leadership after the treaty of Versailles; two, rapacious removal of natural resources; three, over all insult to defeated nations citizen in Europe; and fourth, the mistrust and disbelief amongst the LON member states in implementing various post WW-I policies. When LON failed to prevent the outbreak of World War – II and collapsed again, the citizens of Europe were shaken with the whistling sounds of heavy guns bombarding most of the European Nations on a fine day in 1939. The world peace was once again at stake. The heavy loss of human lives was unparallel in the recorded history of Europe. However, the great Indian Epic records that over 50,000 million soldiers (ten Akshoni) had died while fighting the great war of Mahabharat.

The scourge and menace of war, which lasted for six long years, in addition to causing destruction of properties worth many hundred million of US dollars, had also killed thousands of men, women and children, besides men in uniform. The dying LON gave birth to United Nations Organization (UNO) after the end of WW-II on 24 October 1945 at San Francisco with a primary aim of “Maintaining international Peace and Security” as enshrined in her charter. Though the memories of end of Great War had not even faded when new crisis in Korea had de-establized the world peace. Infact, the United State, still perceive that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is still a potential flash point for future conflicts in South Asia. The American interventions in Korea, Afghanistan and Vietnam had more or less proved that UNO became a nucleus of bitter political arena without teeth. The louder thumping of tables in Security Council made situation worse communists rigid state polices and imperialist’s economic liberalization of West.

The advent of Cold War Era, though refrained both the super powers engaging directly but they discovered many other battlefields in the third world countries for testing their new technologies and weaponry. Infact, most of the third world countries where western and European nations had intervened became the dumping grounds of their high industrial wastes as well. Both the powers played the hide and seek game like notorious game of chess played by Indian medieval period Kings sacrificing a soldier on every move. They first created a battle field; and later intervened to restore peace. What a way of restoring world peace? Infact, setting grounds for conflicts was the part of a major ploy of big arms industrial leaders of western world to open up arms marked in third world countries. How far under such conditions UNO has succeeded in fulfilling Para 1 of her charter is the question to review? I have a fewer points to make UNO an effective peace brokering organization rather than playing a pivotal role in protecting the hidden interest of world major arm dealers.

First of all, I believe that if the UNO is to be made strong, we have to change the selection process. So far, no body could be elected as UN General Secretary with out overt or covert support of two power blocks. When a man is pushed up on a pole, how long he can sustain on the top is his ability to perform and supporters’ capability in holding the pole. This is how UN General Secretary’s have been selected and made to climb and sits on the top of a pole, listen and write the dictations of people yelling from down; and thereafter deliver the judgment of the one who could shout louder. They were as helpless as a tied up monkey sitting on top of the pole. The Indo –Pak Wars of 1948-49, 1965 and 1971 could have been checked had prejudiced UNO not halted Indian Advances in 1948? The 1962 Sino-Indian territorial War, a decade old Iran-Iraq war and Afghanistan turmoil are a few conflicts which repeatedly threatened the world peace. The tamed UN was used by super powers to continue their policies of expansionism to seize the abundance natural resources of the Middle East and Asia. Be it USSR, USA or Europe.

Secondly, the UNO rather than wasting her energy in treating millions of field mine incapacitated civilians and disabled soldiers of various conflicts, should first of all enlist and stop all the major Worlds Arms Supplying Industries (WASI). Even if it tantamount to stopping the total sales and transfer of any type of arms from one country to other. The illegal flourishing arm markets of Europe and South East Asia are required international efforts in containing the menace. The WASI leaders have played a major role in installing and removing many Governments to ensure continuity of Arms race. Until, the UN regulate World Arms Trade (WAT) the people in third world countries would continue to die with these weapons smuggled to criminals.

Thirdly, the UN has to re-look and reshape her conventional war oriented policies to unconventional religious fundamentalist centric challenges of major consequences. The 9/11 strike in US, Train bombing in Spain and India and embassy bombing in Indonesia are a few incidences enough to remind the deadly ploy of WASI and WAT net work. So far, the ultimate dimension of War, the human mind has refrained use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) but how far would we succeed? The US fear of having the nuclear, chemical and biological WMD technology transferred to the foes in the garb of friend might have already been acquired by the insurgents. If it is true then what next? Do we have to wait and watch when they strike next, or we locate and destroy at site. UN needs to follow the later option.

Fourthly, the continuous bloodshed in the Middle East between Israel, Palestine and Lebanese people since the end of WW-II, has proved beyond doubt that UNO has failed miserably in Article 1 of her Charter. Why the world community is playing the blame game and forcing any resolution on both the nations to prevent more bloodshed. The color and group of blood flown out of the veins of Israeli or Lebanese children killed during recent conflict were more or less same. Why than no firm stand is taken by all the members? The need to draft such UN polices where use of force in maintaining world peace has arisen because so far all the diplomatic efforts have failed to make the warring nations accept responsibilities of crime against humanity.

At last I still suggest one to make UN itself democratic in selection rather than backing candidates; two, redraft definition of World Peace and resolution to maintain it; third abolish power block syndrome; fourth taming of WASI WAT; and fifth, created region wise strong European, American, African, Asian and South East Asian Armies to localize and end the conflict by use of UN force under Peace Resolution End Zero (PREZ). The term PREZ indicates that:
Firstly, No more talk thereafter, secondly Deployment of UN Forces; thirdly, Management of conflict by UN Leaders; fourthly, Take over of administrations by UN teams; fifthly, Take over all communications and means of transport control; and sixthly disarm using heavy forces all warring factions following “Chankya Neetee” means Policies of great Indian leader Chankya. Either submit to State or God and not to remain self.
Published: 2006-07-30
Author: I, S Kalpna Sharma am a freelance journalist who manages a NGO Citizen Welfare Forum and help peopl

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I am a freelance journalist and am writing on various burning issue which affect the world order and a Common and Oridnary Man on Street (COMOS) such as terrorism/insurgency economy, teenagers suicide and woman pious body and beauty. Stress management and Art of Happy Life (HOPL).
I am also managing a NGO non registered and help people in distress.
I am a simple housewife who assists her husband in managing his professional life.

S Kalpna Sharma

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