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world- peace, fraction among individuals,nations, races ,love,tolerance,consensus,treaties

" Blessed are the peace-makers,for they will be called sons of God" (Matthew 5:9)

Our world is now a mixture of agitation,mutiny,revolt,militancy and fight.Nobody is really happy to be a citizen of this one and only life supporting planet.But they have to live as they are born.Obligations are come upon them as soon as they are born.On the way to fulfil their duties, they forget themselves,forget their brothers and even their parents.Here starts the problem.To achieve their goal they kill others,make wars and think that they have done great. The problem for all these things are illiteracy,unemployment,poverty,aparthied,insecurity and lack of piety.

Jesus told "love your neighbour as yourself". It is the greatest advice to be friendly to everyone.But nobody is willing to do so.They hate one another becoz of their race,colour,religion ,customs wealth and nationality.The children are great in this regard, they talk play and even work together without thinking these.

Aparthied exists even now in south africa apart from the great work by Nelson Mandela.Its present in Zimbawe and such countries.The tug of war betwenn muslims and Jews in palestine,the interference of America in gulf countries,afghanistan etc.,the maoist attacks in Nepal,infiltration of pakistan into india,the porblems in Srilanka between tamil tigers and srilankans and internal conflicts in many countries.

How can we overcome these obstacles ? Love, tolerance and consensus are the methods for obtaining a peaceful world.If you can love your neighbour ,how can u kill him?If u can tolerate the ill-acts of your fellow being ,how can u quarrel with him?
Ahimsa pracised by Gandhiji is a great weapon by which we can win over any struggle in this world.We should follw the great princilpe'the wholeworld is a family'.
Published: 2007-12-20
Author: anupam

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