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Worries of a tooth decay.....

tooth decay

Tooth decay is a disease! Surprised? Well, if it would have been for your heart, you would be worried for sure. But for the teeth its always the convenient, chalta hai (take it easy) option! may I ask you why?

For the simple reason that nobody dies of a tooth decay! True, but have you ever tried to get into the details? Teeth are the pillars of facial beauty. Imagine a person aged 30 without his front teeth…… now that would be a sight!

Tooth decay is a disease which is common in every part of the world. Its incidence is increasing with every passing year. Thanks to all the junk food that we have and the changing lifestyle. Decay of tooth causes an early lesion which we commonly called a cavity. Early tooth decay is generally asymptomatic. If left so, this decay further spreads to the pulp or the live nerve tissue called the pulp of the tooth. Initially this leads to sensitivity to cold or sweet foods. At this stage a filling is sufficient, but generally we don’t want to go to he dentist since it’s just a little uncomfortable. Then comes the real blow. The decay completely goes to the pulp and thus the tooth has its untimely death. Here a root canal is required. The root canal procedure is painful and time consuming. Also it needs a certain level of expertise, which not every dentist is comfortable with. So with some discussions most of the people go for the most convenient option that is extraction or removal of the tooth. But with this, shouldn’t we become more careful? And how does loosing even one tooth, be it front or behind, make u aesthetically handicap?

The lost tooth already occupied a certain space in your jaw bone. Teeth being attached to the jaw by a thin bone tend to migrate to any open space that they find. This does not happen all of a sudden. It take approximately 2 to 3 years to have a noticeable change. All the teeth and the bones as well as the soft tissues live in harmony with each other in the mouth. So an imbalance in one affects all. The adjacent teeth to the lost tooth become more susceptible to caries. The soft tissue around the teeth starts harboring more tartar, thus increasing the chances of their decay and loosening. These are only a few problems that arise following tooth decay.

So the next time you think of pulling out a tooth, think of all of this. Your each tooth is as precious as your eye or a finger. Just because you have 32 does not mean you can pull out a few. Each one as precious as another. They are the aesthetic pillars to your face.

So do take care of your precious pearls……
Published: 2008-12-15
Author: venuka khandelwal

About the author or the publisher
i am a dentist with a flair for writing..... i love giving suggestions a nd advice to anyone who needs it! so be it toothy issues or a daily trouble i am all for it!!!!!!

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