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Would you practice suicide?

Suicide, Elen Keller, Tina Turner

I don't believe that the human being should practice suicide any time of his life, although his pain be enormous! What can be compared to the father's pain when his son die? I've a son and I beg to Lord: mercy, don't allow this! Because I won't tolerate: I will die too! I don't have personal support to accept so unhappy reality! Anyhow , I won't practice suicide: I will die from pain!

Emotional pain! Nevertheless, the human being has great power: he is able to overcome many sufferings! He can overcome physical pains and emotional ones! Is not the truth that some men and women survived to the holocaust? They tell to us their suffering in the Nazi's hands! Then, when we are suffering the first thing we have to do is to meditate about our problem ( which brings us pain) and evoking two sources of power, of help: the comfort which comes from the own human being - and this is in the Sages' books; or the comfort which comes from God - and this is in the Sacred books! In the Sages' books, the human being will find comfort starting from loving considerations. In the Sacred books the human being will find the prayer, and the prayer will carry him to the God, the consolers' consoler! We don't have the life under our power!

We are under its power! Above the generals, above the presidents, there is another extraordinary power which governs the life! An extraordinary reality! A thought above our thoughts! The sages name this power: The Supreme Reality! The prophets name this power: God! There is no explanation to His decisions: He does what He wants to do! In front of this philosophical problem , we have only to accept the reality that there is a Supreme Being , and that He is sovereign! His will cannot be questioned! But if His will cannot be questioned, it is absolutely necessary to say that He is love, deep, eternal love! Never, never He did something as a cruel God! God is not cruel! But He is also the God of Justice!! And He has his own concept about justice! We cannot understand it! His thought is not as our thought! He has His own reason to allow – or not! - all the things!

Then, If we are looking for comfort in the Sages’ books or in the Sacred ones, there we will find the Supreme Light! Practicing suicide is not a good idea! On the contrary! Our life is very precious! We have enormous value as human beings that we are! I can mention as example the extraordinary singer Mrs. Tina Tunner, her suffering along several years... She faced all the problems and overcame them! I also can mention the extraordinary writer and speaker Elen Keller who was born blind and mute! We have to say NO to the suicide! We have to be strong as Mrs. Tina and Mrs. Elen – mirrors , inspiration to the life!
Published: 2009-09-04

About the author or the publisher
My name is Adilson Pinto. I am 47 years old. I have 5 published books. I am Therapist Holístico and Journalist.

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