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Ajit Jha

I am a writer with 15 years experience having worked in Times of India and several other publishing groups. I am of the opinion that amongst the several other roles I have as an author, the most primary one is to use writing for creating evolved human beings and a pacifist world order. Although I have an experience in different genres, I prefer these days to write on spiritual, motivational and self-help subject matters.

Best Communication Strategies
... features of successful communication and its strategies
Category: Communication | Published: 2007-04-18

Debt Unburdening Strategy
The article advises how you can manage your debt
Category: Debt Management | Published: 2007-04-18

Decision Making Skills
key steps involved in making a decision
Category: Goal Setting | Published: 2007-04-18

White Hat and Black Hat SEO Techniques
Some people deceive SEO and adopt unapproved method in search of short term gains. In the long term white hat techniques win the game.
Category: Internet (General) | Published: 2007-04-04

Cheap bridesmaid dress
what and how about cheap bridesmaid dress
Category: Marriage | Published: 2007-03-09

Friendship Ties & Time
A short story on what 'time' can snatch away from emotional ties of friendship
Category: Literature | Published: 2006-12-26

Silent Devastation
A short story on callous attitude towards a tragedy in the present materialistic world
Category: Literature | Published: 2006-12-25

The Modern Prophet -Vivekananda
A biographical sketch of Swami Vivekanand, who revolutionised the hitherto thinking on God and religion
Category: Religion | Published: 2006-12-23


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