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Aniket Kavathekar

I am an engineer with passion for writing. That led me to a PG in Mass Communications from Sysmbiosis,Pune. I work as Marketing Communications executive, where again my core job is writing and creative conceptualizing. Business apart, I have been writing in Marathi as well. The writings are generally experimental and are from seemingly mundane incidences. Simplicity is the most complicated and tough thing to life as much in writing. I keep my writing simple and straight.

Silent passaway of an egoless butterfly
Life of goodhearted people with no ego
Category: Relationships | Published: 2006-09-28

the right attitude
Category: Poetry | Published: 2006-08-28

spring forgot to show up at her doorstep
the agony of mother nation, mother India
Category: Poetry | Published: 2006-08-28

turbulent waters
of the politics, malice and sufferings of a common man
Category: Poetry | Published: 2006-08-28

Male vanity & hair dressing
for a change this is about what is the pleasure men get when they get a hair-dress, the fun and nostalgia
Category: Literature | Published: 2006-08-28

don't give up...prepare for future than waiting for it
Category: Poetry | Published: 2006-08-28

there are times in life
never give up...keep going...never mind the hassles and tussles
Category: Poetry | Published: 2006-08-28

slaves & sophistication
though we call ourselves modern, we are replicating the bygone sins and suffering high-technology addiction
Category: Poetry | Published: 2006-08-28

never tell your boss you are a poet
the agany of getting your verse getting reviwed by your boss...simply a grief which has no consolation
Category: Poetry | Published: 2006-08-28

beutiful shadows
A pleasant twilight,hopes and soul yearning for private cucoon
Category: Poetry | Published: 2006-08-28

its all in baggage
This is different, but not the new way of understanding the attitude of people. If you can't get it from faces, then try the baggage and style to wear the baggage.You may get a clue!
Category: Literature | Published: 2006-08-28


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