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Apolo Jucaban

Filipino, male, married,2 children, two grandsons.Education: A.B. English,in Literature; B.S. Geology; Master in Environmental Planning all taken from the University of the Phillipines post-graduate in Groundwater Development, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. Profession: More than 15 years in the government as project manager/director; about 25 years in as consultant,local & foreign assignments. Have various unpublished & published papers, technical reports, seminar papers.

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Public Utilities and Econmic Enterprises in the Philippines: Issues and Prospects
how to overcome problems and obstacles in the delivery of municipal enterprises, how to turn financial losses into profitable investments.
Category: Entrepreneurial | Published: 2007-03-17

State of Local Public Enterprises in the Philippines
Current issues & problems of public utilities & municipal economic enterprises; options for improvements
Category: Governments | Published: 2007-03-17

Coffee, Sex and Evangelization
Questions you'd rather not ask about sex and evangelization
Category: Spirituality | Published: 2006-08-23

Won By One
The 12 th replacement Apostle to take he place vacated by Judas: It could be you!
Category: Inspirational | Published: 2006-08-22

A Prose of Love
a short story of true love and philosophy of love
Category: Love | Published: 2006-07-26

Lend Your Boat To Jesus
How & where to fish for a big catch;, even during daytime how to sail through the storms
Category: Religion | Published: 2006-07-03

The Bible: What's New?
Reasons why we should read and study the Bible; what's not new
Category: Religion | Published: 2006-06-27

The Poetry of the Word
poem of praise to the Word of God
Category: Poetry | Published: 2006-06-23

Power Pray: The Commercial
Sale's pitch to promote 12 Ways to Power Pray as effective means to talk to God
Category: Religion | Published: 2006-06-21

Twelve (12) Ways to Power Pray
12 effective ways to pray pwerfully
Category: Spirituality | Published: 2006-06-13

Power Pray: What We Need in Trouble Times
A power packed of prayer no devil can thwart, how to chase your troubles away
Category: Religion | Published: 2006-05-31

Power Pray
The need for new kind of prayer: the Power Pray, similar to power play in basketball game.
Category: Spirituality | Published: 2006-05-29

Fun and Fond Memories: Episode 3
Unforgettable professor, styles & moods of teaching & besides
Category: People | Published: 2006-05-26

Fun and Fond Memories: Episode 2
unforgettable moments of my student days
Category: People | Published: 2006-05-26

Fun and Fond Memories: Episode 1
How God helped me passed my economics class!
Category: Inspirational | Published: 2006-05-21


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