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Trying to live many lives in one. A village urchin to high-profile media professional,a roller coaster ride.A rebellious school teacher in a desire to do something became a disinterested Intelligence officer in the government.Went against what the heart wanted and excelled in the field. Declined the Presidential honour. Quit at the peak and took plunge in the industry of Films and Television. Writing was always there.A poet,film writer with different view about god and religion and science.

Universe meets (Him) self in Life
To sum up, the universe or the Purush, we worship as God, has not created us but has evolved Himself into intelligent life to find and experience Himself. We are just instrumental in existence.
Category: Philosophy | Published: 2008-08-02

PAKISTAN WATCH- You ,the People of Pakistan
It is dangerous to stand upto the military dictatorship,it is more dangerous not to.
Category: Politics | Published: 2007-12-29

Right 0 or Right ∞
We are inside a spherical universe having no outside.
Category: Science (General) | Published: 2007-11-18

America Will Survive,You Decide !
Capitalism is out to usurp the best in the lap of mother earth,in the dusk it has created in the name of free economy.
Category: Politics | Published: 2007-11-17

Not Really Expanding Universe
A looseended universe is an impossible universe.There is nothing like straight in the context of u niverse. We are in a weightless spinning universe evolving continuously
Category: Physics | Published: 2007-07-21

Mest and the Principle of Uncertainty
Not the uncertainty principle but the mest is the inescapable property of the universe. Quantization means combining mass/energy with spacetime and that is the mest.
Category: Physics | Published: 2007-06-27

Soft Invisible Cover
An invisible soft cover is the only effective way to contain terrorism.How?
Category: Politics | Published: 2007-06-23

Weightless Universe
Weight is created when bodies of mass are moved away from their weightless positions by application of force. The conter force thus created is mistaken as gravity.
Category: Physics | Published: 2007-06-23

For An American Soldier In Iraq.
War makes history and history makes war. Nation live on globe and men on the earth.
Category: Poetry | Published: 2007-06-10

Gravity- Knocked Out
Any good theory holds water within the parameters of given truths . The problem arises when it is not falling in line with the universal truth for ultimate unification. Then it has to or it has to go.
Category: Physics | Published: 2007-06-10

Postman And The Economic Boom
A simple poem reminiscent of good old days of a postman. The economic boom has hit him to his perplexion
Category: Poetry | Published: 2007-06-03

Tau of Terrorism
Transportation of on ground workers, trading of arms and exlosives and tranfer of funds are the hree Ts of the lifeline of terrorism.The invisible soft cover is the only way to fend it off.
Category: Politics | Published: 2007-06-02

Musharraf Uniformly
President Musharraf has made it clear that he will not give up his military uniform. It his second skin . It is actually the armor which makes him invincible
Category: Politics | Published: 2007-05-27

All News A Bad News
News today is like any other commodity on sale. The electronoc media for its commercial compulsions has destroyed the sanctity of news
Category: Sociology | Published: 2007-05-21

Black Holes and the Mest Theory
Light is the nothing but the matter traveling at the highest possible speed. Black holes are proximal to the material or the small scale infinity. Nothing is lost in the universe.
Category: Science (General) | Published: 2007-05-13

The Small Scale Infinity
Non inclusion of the small scale infinity is the biggest tragedy of modern science. Zero is the culprit
Category: Philosophy | Published: 2007-05-06

The Physical Reality Of Dreams
The dreams are triggered in our body to wake the brain up. The reason is always a physiological disturbance and the purpose a remedial action
Category: Science (General) | Published: 2007-05-02

The Mest Theory of Everything
The universe is composed of mest. All the equations can be combined into one. There is no empty space and hence no room for gravity
Category: Physics | Published: 2007-04-28

Once Upon A Time
The origin of universe and a new theory of everything -The mest theory.
Category: Philosophy | Published: 2007-04-15

Soft Means troubled, as a Nation
How a soft nation by default can become a victim and then a hub of terrorism. India is on the path .
Category: Politics | Published: 2007-04-15

Taking A Leaf Out
In the line of fire- the autobiographical book by President Musharaff speaks more in its silences. It is interesting reading those unsaid truths. The article is just such reading of one page .
Category: Books | Published: 2007-04-15


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