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Bhupinder Kohli

•As feature writer with ‘The Times of India,’ handling special feature pages on property, personal finance and travel. •Headed the team of ‘Times Newspaper In Education,’ the school edition of The Times of India, Chandigarh(2003-04). •Worked as the editor-in-chief of ‘Page Three People’, a magazine focusing on socialites in Chandigarh.(2004-05). •Freelancer with ‘Life Colours’ magazine and ‘’(2003) QUALIFICATION - 'MASTER OF MASS COMMUNICATION' –university topper.

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Mumbia Attack Vigil at New Jersey, US
Around a hundred Indians descended at Town Square of Newport (Jersey City) in United States observing a vigil for mumbai terror attack; paying a homage to those innocents who lost lives in 26/11
Category: People | Published: 2008-12-09

Wedding - From loud-n-lavish to up close and personal
Weddings are known to be a bizarre and lavish affair. With dream destination weddings are latest vogue, time is not far when they will be a passe.
Category: Marriage | Published: 2006-11-09

Bio-diesel!! Saying bye to petrol, diesel…
What if the petroleum resource ends…No petroleum, no diesel, no petrol…Just think!! Don’t panic… Well! If there is a problem, there must be a solution! The answer is ‘biofuel.’
Category: Technology | Published: 2006-09-25

Speed Dating for Pre-occupied Gen Y
Fast track hip-hop generation loves to live in virtual reality. Shopping online, e-bookings and now even cupid online… Yupp! Speed dating has taken bachelors and spinsters ablaze.
Category: Ethnicity | Published: 2006-08-25

Ditched Prince Rescued, Hats Off to Indian Army, Media
The boy trapped in a pit, for more than two days was rescued on his birthday---July 23---by army soldiers in a drama that gripped the nation. Hats off to the Indian Army!! And of course for media for
Category: Safety | Published: 2006-07-31

Why Getting Bangalored is such an achievement
Bangloring implies world’s envy, India’s pride and refers to booming IT and ITS sectors in the country
Category: Jobs/Employment | Published: 2006-07-13

Hydrogen cars. No petrol!! No diesel!! (Hydregen cars)
Pollution free, renewable car fuel.No global warming or ozone depletion, renewable, no acid rain, 100% pollution free.
Category: Technology | Published: 2006-07-08

Dubai Dazzles
Exciting trip to cosmopolitan Dubai
Category: Destinations | Published: 2006-07-04

Everything About Online Business
. E-commerce has turned internet into an international marketplace to sell your products and services.
Category: Online Business | Published: 2006-06-28

Where have the vultures gone?
vultures have entered the category of endangered species...
Category: Environment | Published: 2006-06-19

Australia - kangroo land changing to students' hub
There's a rutt among Asians students, especially Indians, to fly down to Australia for higher. For reality check how fascinating is studying there, a mother went all the way for her blue eyed kid
Category: Education | Published: 2006-06-07


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