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Binay Srivastava

I am en editor with one of the largest book publishing houses in India. My preference is for non specialised articles relating to business, science, economic and global-interest.

Marriage Rocks: A prescription for a happy wedded life
How is mental and physical inquisitiveness of children accelerating today
Category: Books | Published: 2008-01-22

Laws of Life...: Bedtime Mail Box
A collection of 47 choicest enlivening short stories to lift your spirits and help you smile even when alone.
Category: Books | Published: 2008-01-16

Pregnancy Made Comfortable: Yogic Exercises During Third Trimester
A book Illustrating yogic exercises and menu for all pregnancy related problems
Category: Books | Published: 2008-01-14

The Last Tango: Under the Rain Tree
The 18 exciting stories on adolescence, love, fear, rejection, loneliness etc.
Category: Books | Published: 2008-01-14

Make Peace with Imperfection: The Little Manual of happiness
If you want to be unhappy, no one in the world can make you happy. And if you determine to be happy, no one in the world will be able to make you unhappy.
Category: Books | Published: 2008-01-09

Company Policies
Humorous. Describes how companies and bureaucracies continue following the precedence in policy matters without any fresh thinking
Category: Books | Published: 2007-12-22

Physics Degree
A interesting discussion, regarding a physics question, between the examinee Niels Bohr and examiner Rutherford
Category: Books | Published: 2007-12-08


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