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Charley James

A former assistant editor of "Business Week" magazine, and a television news producer and reporter before that, Charley James began writing when he was about eight and hasn't stopped. Now, he covers and writes news articles including his own independent investigative reporting, writes articles, websites and newsletters for clients, drafts speeches, creates and writes ad copy, and crafts humorous essays about things people encounter every day. Charley has been published in many magazines.

So long, Belle. And Thanks.
I said goodbye to my dog Belle this morning. She turned 16 a few months ago and died yesterday.
Category: Dog | Published: 2008-03-18

Developing A Proactive Strategy To Deal With The Soaring Loonie.
It’s a problem for many Canadian businesses that profited from exports when Canadian dollars were cheap. But the Loonie is likely to outpace the US dollar for years to come.
Category: Business (General) | Published: 2008-03-18

Is Anything An “Experience” When Everything Is?
Maybe I slept late this weekend and missed the announcement, but when did everything become an “experience?”
Category: People | Published: 2008-03-18

Prepare To Meet Thy Fluffer!
Selling a home means it can't look as if anyone lives in it and propels people into a bizarre world usually found only in movies, on television or in ads.
Category: Real Estate | Published: 2008-03-18

Hey! How Did My Age Become 60?
I just entered my seventh decade and don’t know how I got here. Time gave me a hard nudge a few days ago and I stumbled from middle age to senior citizen. Like it or not, at that moment I hit 60.
Category: Health (General) | Published: 2008-03-18

Nurture Sales Leads Until They’re Ready To Buy.
Half of all sales leads want to buy, just not now. Meanwhile, between 40% and 80% of new business leads are lost, not followed up, or otherwise mishandled due to poor company processes.
Category: Sales | Published: 2008-03-18

Why Selling More, And More Often, Can Cause Sales To Fall Short.
It’s an issue for nearly every business: How to boost sales to existing customers. Not surprisingly, most buyers say sales people go about it the wrong way.
Category: Sales | Published: 2008-03-18

Selling Is Dead. Companies Still Using Sales Techniques To Make Sales May Die Soon, Too.
New models are transforming the way we view sales and selling, leading to a new framework and an urgent need for new skills. Companies that adapt quickly see increased revenue and profits
Category: Sales | Published: 2008-03-18


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