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Derek Cyr

Born and raised in front of the ocean has a way of always wanting to look further. For this reason, I have always been interested at looking at every aspect of life. To say that I like everything would be wrong. To say that I usually like to try before deciding would be fair. By doing this, I was able to narrow down what I’m interested in. I started playing drums at 10 years old and I have never got tired of it. I also love kayaking ever since I discovered, as a child, that water can be an open road. My love of writing came when I realized that, though many people read, most don’t completly read. It can be skipping a phrase while reading a book or just reading the headline of an article. I try my best to find a way of writing that will make people read the whole thing before turning the page. As for interests go, you can say that life and death interest me very much. So much of unknown aspects in both worlds. Family, friends, music, movies, books and newspapers will always keep me happy.

make a free video game easily
If you've ever wanted to make a video game, AGS is the best and easy way, and it's free
Category: Games | Published: 2007-11-19

Food for Energy
how food scraps can become a very good source of energy
Category: Environment | Published: 2007-11-19

Pottery with Palissy
the life of bernard palissy, a potter who helped the renaissance become what it is.
Category: History | Published: 2007-11-19

Tazmania's Forest in Trouble
one of the world most beautiful forest will no longer exist if things continue like this
Category: Environment | Published: 2007-11-19

New Royalty as arrived in Miguasha
A very special kind of fossile was discovered in miguasha national park
Category: Science (General) | Published: 2007-11-19


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