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Dr Virashri Rivonkar

Hi! I m an Ayurvedic physician with descent knowledge of Modern Medicine,Yoga,Alternative medicine,Herbal medicine.

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How to Cope up with Chronic Diseases with Appropriate Exercise
Exercise, which includes any physical activity, helps you look and feel better, your posture, stamina and energy levels improve.
Category: Exercise & Fitness | Published: 2008-09-21

Wellknown Alternative Therapies-Ayurveda and Magneto-Therapy
AYURVEDA- the science of long life, is the longest health tradition and a complete system of medicine and healing(including surgery) based on nature.
Category: Medicine | Published: 2007-12-07

Home remedies for Arthritis
Arthritis has no permanent cure-but you can certainly ease the symptoms by trying out these simple home remedies
Category: Diet & Nutrition | Published: 2007-12-04

Keeping your Heart Healthy!!!!
Heart is the most important organ of our body,stopping of which means DEATH.Here are few tips to keep Heart Healthy:
Category: Health (General) | Published: 2007-11-17

Are you Suffering from Osteoarthritis???
Osteoarthritis is a degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease is a condition in which there is a condition in which there is breakdown & eventual loss of cartilage.cartilage is a protien su
Category: Supplements | Published: 2007-11-16


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