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Ema Adama

My name is Ema Adama. I am a young female graduate from the university of jos,Nigeria. I have a bachelor of science degree in Industrial Chemistry. Writting articles that are interesting and informative is my hobby. I have been doing this from my secondary school. I edited my secondary school magazine published in 2001. I have written other brief articles for leasure that are not published yet. And in effect, i will find it rewarding to write for magazines and other publication to earn money.

Formulation in Food Science
An introductory clue to successful formulation
Category: Technology | Published: 2008-08-12

The serenity a natural environment explains
Category: Inspirational | Published: 2008-07-18

Electoral Reform in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities
Electoral system in Nigeria, challenges and opportunities it have faced in attempt to reform
Category: Governments | Published: 2008-07-11

A Song for 'Now'
God's song to you in your trying times
Category: Inspirational | Published: 2008-07-09

My Friend
Everyone needs a friend like mine
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-06-26

A Little Addendum of Self-Esteem
How to build your self-esteem
Category: Positive Attitude | Published: 2008-06-02

The Exceptional Skill in you
How to discover and build the exceptional skill in you
Category: Self-Improvement (General) | Published: 2008-05-30

Educating the Great
How to educate people for societal harmony
Category: Self-Improvement (General) | Published: 2008-05-27


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