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Dear Sir, Am an inspirational writer. My writing is natural. Am not a copycat. I started writing long time ago as far back as 1991,1992. I have written more than enough. A voluminous poetry as am writing to you now, am writing and I would write, I would continue to write until the kingdom come. Infact, I would stop writing when I discovered that the world is no more. What did I write? I wrote POEMS-SONGS-STORY. Folks and tales and fables. Infact am an entertainer. I wrote leisurely. Writing to me is a fun. I enjoy it. When I went through my scripts and some well known writers, compare and contrast. I discovered that tomorrow is going to be another day that am going to become a prolific writer. In my locality, when I submitted my scripts to a publisher for the first time. The company accepted my work and asked me to call back in some month, which I did. I went back to them, the management told me that my work was too complex, and that their interest is on simple poetry. They advised me to try another publishing company. In 1996, I moved to Lagos State, Nigeria. I continue in my search for a company of my nature. At last, I traveled to Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria, and the largest city in Africa. There I got a publishing company who were interested in my works. Art! The collected the ‘manuscripts’ from me at that time. They told me that I should believed that my work would get published. I did exactly. After some months, I received my work from them through postage. I read their letter; At last, I went to them for further interrogation. The Chief-editor told me frankly that my works are too many and that they do published selected poetry and not collection of poetry. (Antomology of Poetry). And that I wrote excessively, excusively and comphessively and that my work should be posted Abroad and not local or national publishing. After a lot of effort, I secured a place in America; VANTAGE PRESS. I wrote to them, they asked me for my manuscripts, which I sent to them in the year 2004. After some months they wrote to me, they demanded for some amount of money. The of 7.5 Thousands Dollars U.S currency. To me the money is too much I can’t not meet the requirement. I later phoned them. I heard conversation with the Editor ‘Frank Murray’ in which I asked for other way round. In which he told me there is no way-out. He said the payment was an obligation. Since then, my work is still lying on their table. The Talent is in me already. It’s a seed, it’s been planted on me, so it grows everyday. You might be thinking that I must or might been frustrated by all those so call publisher, no-no-no not all. Instead, I grow more stronger. I will go on marching without relent any effort. Apart from the work “Collection of Poetry”, which I sent to them, which is still lying with them? I have written another poetry in which no company on earth could publish once or twice if ever submitted. After a lot of effort, decided to relax. According to my instructor, my creator, the Author and finisher of my faith and the owner of this work of Art. That opportunity would soon come. Surprisingly, fortunately for me, A friend, A brother, A neighbor of my were going through website, when he came across your company and gave me introduction. Infact, I read and read and read, after going through your Am more that satisfied, with the term and condition? An am eager to submit my work on your table. To receive an opportunities from publishers and win contract. Lastly, ‘writing is not by number of Ten man but abilities in Pen’. A trial will convince you Sir. Thanks. Again, I would not like you to interfere with the America publisher. Unless I ask you to do so. Am going to send you a new Brand works entirely. In which you can’t found else where. Am sending the name and number of the said company to you incase you might need some corresponding or facts to verify. The address VANTAGES PRESS INC. 419 PARK AVE. SOUTH NEW YORK NY 10016 TEL (212) 736 1767 FAX (212) 736 2279 Mr. Frank Murray Editorial Department VANTAGE PRESS DEPT. DA 66 516W 34TH ST. NEY YORK NY 10001 U.S.A Thanks in anticipation. Am yours. Faithfully, MARVEL.

Lagos state
Lagos state as part of Nigeria. Nigeria as a country in africa cntinent. The popularity of lagos state is incomparable with any state in the whole world!
Category: Literature | Published: 2008-09-29

Words of wisdom
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-09-29

Second coming of Jesus Christ
Second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-09-29

My father
A responsible father
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-09-29

Effectiveness of prayer
Category: Spirituality | Published: 2008-09-24

way to limelight
Way to success
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-09-15

A woman that refused you!
Life is full of irony
Category: Literature | Published: 2008-09-15

God the creator
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-09-15

Looking up and looking down
Help from God when down
Category: Movies/Film | Published: 2008-09-01

Complain of men and women about death, health, wealth
The yard inbetween death, health, wealth
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-09-01

Sun go down
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-09-01

A woman that would make you a good home
A good house wife or A good woman
Category: Arts and Entertainment (general) | Published: 2008-08-28

Only one eyes on me
Eyes that see beyond
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-08-28

My Mother
Wonderful Mother
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-08-23

Category: Philosophy | Published: 2008-08-19

Did you see my hand
Category: Arts and Entertainment (general) | Published: 2008-08-18


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