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Geraldine Santua

My passion is writing. I actually cannot live without a pen and a paper or a Personal Computer. I write about everything - everything that comes into my mind - about the world in general. I usually love to comment on things that most people find common and normal. I tend to go on my own way. I don't really bother what people say about me. I don't even care if they find me sooo weird. All I'm into is that as long as I can express my worthiness then I'm alive!

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Matters from a Budding Atheist
This is not meant to influence/intimidate readers and criticize religion or to damage lives. What's written is purely based on own opinion. It's a matter of respect that one may accept/decline this.
Category: Philosophy | Published: 2007-12-03

The Complex Theory of Existence
This does not intend to change views or damage properties of the readers. What's written is purely part of the author's opinion. It's a matter of respect that one may accept or reject this article.
Category: Natural Science | Published: 2007-12-03


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