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K Sethu Madhavan

A management professional with eight years experience in telecommunications industry, I have written a lot of articles in subjects related to management and strategic information analysis.

A candid letter to former US president George Bush
A simple discussion
Category: Business (General) | Published: 2009-08-10

The Decline of Britain as a power
Studying british decline
Category: Business (General) | Published: 2009-08-04

The diaries of foreign visitors: stale stews?
an article reviewing foreign tavelogues
Category: Self-Improvement (General) | Published: 2009-05-23

A Slice of British opportunism: The day of the Jackal?
An article investigating intriguing works
Category: Politics | Published: 2009-04-13

The secret of success of great visionary companies
On building visionary corporations
Category: Business (General) | Published: 2009-03-05

AN article describing efficient management processes
Category: Business (General) | Published: 2009-02-25

An article analyzing IT revolution of 1990s
Category: Business (General) | Published: 2009-02-25

An example of abject surrender to the almighty: Umapathi sivacharya (1250.C.E-1311.C.E)
A Tribute to umapathi sivacharya- A saivite saint of 13th century
Category: Spirituality | Published: 2009-01-06

Continuing the war on terror: An opportunity for mercenaries?
An article exploring current scenario against terror
Category: Politics | Published: 2008-12-05

Regarding the working class regiments of pre-medieval times and the puranic history cauvery delta
An article sketching ancient puranic history of south india
Category: History | Published: 2008-11-28

The US presidential elections: Will history repeat itself
A critical analysis of US elections
Category: Politics | Published: 2008-11-12

America's tryst with Aasuram
An article analyzing american elections
Category: Politics | Published: 2008-11-06

Presenting The Buddha as almighty: A case of pseudo-history?
Analysing the impact of monotheistic creeds on vedic religion
Category: Religion | Published: 2008-11-05

God comes for the rescue of truth and virtue
The great saints of pre-medieval India
Category: Spirituality | Published: 2008-10-22

Category: Politics | Published: 2008-10-17

Some notes on ancient history
Ancient south India
Category: History | Published: 2008-09-01

The Hi-tech oppurtunist
Profiling bill gates
Category: People | Published: 2008-08-14

The Aazhwar Saints of First Millenium C.E
Category: Philosophy | Published: 2008-07-31

Sri Sankaracharya: Understanding the great saint through his works
An article raising some questions about sri sankara
Category: Philosophy | Published: 2008-07-24

The Sage Narada: Misrepresented Saint
An analysis of how sage narada's charactar was interpreted during medieval times
Category: Religion | Published: 2008-07-07

The Tamil Brahmin: Quo Vadis
An article analysing and questioning pseudo-history
Category: Ethnicity | Published: 2008-06-18

The Tamil Problem
An article on tamil extremism
Category: Politics | Published: 2008-04-30

An epitome of responsibility
studying charactar of bheeshma
Category: People | Published: 2008-04-16

The satanic faith
The role of some creeds as perpetrators of evil
Category: Religion | Published: 2008-02-13

Endurance & Smartness: The key to Success
An article that discusses how an unconventional approach if correct could lead to great success
Category: People | Published: 2008-01-21

Lord Krishna : The most misused personality
An article that narrates how even gods have not been spared by the wicked
Category: Spirituality | Published: 2008-01-17

The wars of virtue and morality
Understanding chola exoeditions during medieval ages
Category: History | Published: 2008-01-08

The Intellectual emperor
A tribute to the Pallava emperor Rajasimha
Category: History | Published: 2007-12-12

In the age of Kali
a political analysis describing how oppurtunism plays a great role in modern day politics
Category: Politics | Published: 2007-12-10

A Benevolent Despot
A tribute to great chola emperor Raja Raja
Category: History | Published: 2007-10-12

Terrorist sleeper cells: How to detect and evade
an article discussing how a terrorist sleeper cell can be deteceted and destroyed
Category: Law | Published: 2007-10-10

The divine Messengers
An article chronicling the life of two great saivite saints
Category: Spirituality | Published: 2007-09-06

The Last Years of Cholas: The decline and fall of a dynasty
studying the chola decline
Category: History | Published: 2007-08-22

Marketing in a Global environment
Article describing challenges faced by marketers in a global environment
Category: Business (General) | Published: 2007-08-21

Who is a common man
An article about some unobserved corporate incidents
Category: Business Ethics | Published: 2007-06-27

The Pallava trail blazer
An article that captures last years of pallava dynasty
Category: History | Published: 2007-06-26

The Great Indian Past
This article deals with an important dynasty that dominated India and south east Asia during medieval ages
Category: History | Published: 2007-04-15


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