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Lucille Dana

Born in the city of Montreal, in the year 1987, in a loving home and surrounded by the most wonderful family, I was their little Lulu. Always the shy one in class, would always listen to teachers and do well on class assignments. I would almost never make any spelling or grammar mistakes which was why I decided to do something with this talent of mine. That was when I began writing my own poems, short stories, essays, articles, and many more. More about me on my website.

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Our Life Together
This is a poem describing a dream I once had (hint: Our Life Together).
Category: Poetry | Published: 2006-05-14

Make a Choice
This is a poem describing how one person should Make a Choice.
Category: Poetry | Published: 2006-05-14

Happy At Last
This is a poem describing how one can be Happy At Last.
Category: Poetry | Published: 2006-05-14

Being Vigilant
This article is about common safety.
Category: Safety | Published: 2006-05-14

No To Homework
This is a summary and a response about David Davenport's article entitled: No To Homework.
Category: Education | Published: 2006-05-14

This article is about Raymond Carver's story entitled: Cathedral.
Category: Literature | Published: 2006-05-14

Biological Knowledge
This article is about biological knowledge.
Category: Philosophy | Published: 2006-05-14

This article is about the concepts of ideology.
Category: Philosophy | Published: 2006-05-14

US Weekly-Public Communications
This article is about a magazine I had to summarize in college for my Public Communications class.
Category: Magazine | Published: 2006-05-14

The Rapaille Institute
This article is about the Rapaille Institute.
Category: Psychology | Published: 2006-05-14

Song Airlines
This article is about Song Airlines.
Category: Aviation | Published: 2006-05-14

Smoking Ban
This article talks about the smoking ban that will take effect in Montreal as of May 31st 2006.
Category: Quit Smoking | Published: 2006-05-12


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