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Misty Keith

Misty Keith is a wife and mother of three. She has been published in many venues on the web, as well as one print publication. Currently she works for clients, assisting them with academic papers of all genres. She can write in non-fiction, fiction, horror, romance, inspirational, motivational; basically all creative styles are a familiarity for her. Creativity and Inspirational are her favorite styles. Misty Keith

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The Act of Telling Lies
An Article for Parents About Children Telling Lies and How to Avoid it
Category: Parenting | Published: 2006-04-28

The Effect of the Media on Women's Personal Identity
An article emphasizing how the media projects images that impact women personally
Category: Women's Issues | Published: 2006-04-20

Visiting Las Vegas on a Budget
How to have fun in the high life of Las Vegas on a shoestring budget
Category: Recreation (General) | Published: 2006-04-19

Keeping Your Puppy Happy
A descriptive article from a personal perspective on being a good dog owner
Category: Dog | Published: 2006-04-19

A Critque on Teaching Spoken Arabic and Students Attitudes and Motivation in Israel
An article on incorporating the Arabic language into Israel-Jewish Schools
Category: Ethnicity | Published: 2006-04-17

A Critique on Taxonomizing Hybridity
An article about how cultures change once they move into a new enviornment
Category: Ethnicity | Published: 2006-04-17

Learning Activities through Home schooling are Boundless
Home schooling has become a mad rave in many homes, this is the topic here
Category: Education | Published: 2006-04-14

When your Child is Focused on a Skin Color
Racial Identity is the Key Discussion in this Article
Category: Parenting | Published: 2006-04-14

Global Warming
Global Warming is the topic discussed here. The facts are obvious, what will be done?
Category: Environment | Published: 2006-04-14

Life Without Meaning is to Cease to Exist
A philosphical article on life and how it is what you make of it
Category: Philosophy | Published: 2006-04-14

Human Evolution: What is the Truth?
A Personal Opinion Piece discussing Religion versus Human Evolution
Category: Philosophy | Published: 2006-04-14

Good Ole Country
An article reminescent on Country Life
Category: Home and Family (General) | Published: 2006-04-14

Over Globalization
An Article on how Globalization is Interfering with personal Traditions and Customs
Category: People | Published: 2006-04-13

What is Love?
A Poetic and Inspirational Poem on the Meaning of Love
Category: Love | Published: 2006-04-13

Keeping the Flame Alive
This is a article all about how to keep the passion of love flowing in a relationship or marriage
Category: Relationships | Published: 2006-04-13

What Women Really Want
Every womans wish on how to be Treated by their Lover or Spouse
Category: Women's Issues | Published: 2006-04-13

Giving up the Nine to Five Humdrum
Striving to better yourself is what this article is all about. The fact is it takes change by only you.
Category: Motivation | Published: 2006-04-13

Working From Home
Many people long to work from home and this is what this article is all about
Category: Home Based | Published: 2006-04-13

The Good Ole Days
How the country life should yet isn't due to constant expansion
Category: Home and Family (General) | Published: 2006-04-13

An Everyday Pick Me Up
An article on how it takes inititiative by the individual to see a dream through
Category: Motivation | Published: 2006-04-13

Change Theory: The Motivation it gives to Health Care Nursing
An article about how changes in nursing can affect a number of nurses if not handled appropriatly
Category: Health (General) | Published: 2006-04-12

Multicultural Harmony in a Public Classroom
This article is about how teachers can incorporate certain approaches to unite race's in class
Category: Education | Published: 2006-04-12

Does the Law go to Far: A Critique of the NSA's Monitoring of Phone-Calls and E-mails
An article on whether or not citizens rights are being violated by surveillance techniques
Category: Law | Published: 2006-04-10

Two Hearts
A poetic and symbolic form of love
Category: Love | Published: 2006-04-10

Americanization of Overseas Business Executives
This is about how foreign companies are promoting strategies to retain high talented employee's
Category: Business Etiquette | Published: 2006-04-10

Spring Clean Your Life
A motivation Article on getting your life organized for success
Category: Motivation | Published: 2006-04-10

Race does not Hold an Endowment for the true Meaning of a Family
How race can drive family's perspectives to fit in the norm of society yet lose themselves
Category: Ethnicity | Published: 2006-04-10

Does Race Play a Part in Youth Gangs: What Motivates Youth's to join Gangs?
How racial identity can have an affect on different ethnicities and gang activity
Category: Sociology | Published: 2006-04-10

When you are Caught in Between
An article on racial identity
Category: Ethnicity | Published: 2006-04-10


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