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Pallavi Borgohain

Pallavi Borgohain is basically a freelance content writer contributing promotional write-ups to various Web portals and magazines. A Masters in English literature, the author started her career as a feature writer of various newspapers and magazines. Moreover, the author is quite popular as a children book writer and for her contributory write-ups on humanities and electronic gadgets.The author can be contacted in

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The mobile phone hazard
Prolonged mobile phone usage can create health risks. Mobile phones may lead various health problems like brain tumour, infertility and cognitive disabilities which most of the users are not aware of.
Category: Cell Phone | Published: 2007-08-12

Travel Insurance: why and what
Travel insurance should be regarded as an inevitable part of the travel budget. It offers coverage for medical and dental treatment, and other emergencies while travelling.
Category: Insurance | Published: 2007-07-28

Are you suffering from SMS-ophilia
Enjoy the whole new experience of SMS-ing with the help of SMS 2.0, the innovative application introduced by Affle. SMS 2.0 is an advanced application for sending messages from your mobile phones.
Category: Communication | Published: 2007-07-22

Nokia N76, the Perfect Blend of Art and Intellect
The Nokia N76 a superb creation of the maker--not only elegant in looks but a splendid gadget with multiple functions that suits the needs of a consumer....
Category: Cell Phone | Published: 2007-07-05

Population Migrations: A Boon or a Bane
Man always have a tendency to move from place to place in search of the best. This migrations leand to many consequences good or bad, this is what the article throws light upon
Category: People | Published: 2006-09-13

Jatinga Phenomenon:Do birds really commit suicide
The article describes about a queer phenomenon of birds comitting suicide in Jatinga ridge a place of scenic beauty located in the North Cachar Hills District of Assam.
Category: Environment | Published: 2006-09-08


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