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S Kalpna Sharma

I am a freelance journalist and am writing on various burning issue which affect the world order and a Common and Oridnary Man on Street (COMOS) such as terrorism/insurgency economy, teenagers suicide and woman pious body and beauty. Stress management and Art of Happy Life (HOPL). I am also managing a NGO non registered and help people in distress. otherwise I am a simple housewife who assists her husband in managing his professional life. S Kalpna Sharma India 00-91-9428500190

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Cricketers Infidelity and Betrayal – Foreign Hullabaloo
This article deals with the revolutionizing steps of making 20-20 over game a sensa
Category: Sports (General) | Published: 2008-06-05

Musharaff Survival Way to Peace in Asia – Part-2
Is emergency in Pakistan necessary, Will Bhutto or Nawaz contain fundamentalists and terroriss
Category: People | Published: 2007-11-30

Pakistan Musharaff Democracy and Effects in South East Asia Part-1
The article gives out views about democracy and emergency in Pakistan and Mush's efforts in contaiing export of fundamentalism and terrorism in the world
Category: Relationships | Published: 2007-11-30

Terrorism - A subtle Movement
Speak about terrorism and its various facets affecting world
Category: People | Published: 2007-05-16

Som, Ten Stress Relieving Tip
How to Reduce Stress in Fast Moving World
Category: Stress Management | Published: 2006-10-23

How make you Boss Succeed
Comprehensive tips are being published to guide young people to learn office manners
Category: Business Etiquette | Published: 2006-07-31

World Peace - An hollow UN Nightmare
The article is anlyses the role of UN in maintining world peace since existance.
Category: Governments | Published: 2006-07-30

If do No Corruption Than What?
Government policies real cause of corruption
Category: People | Published: 2006-07-27

Challenges of Religious Fanatic Insurgents
The article expresses the soliderity with the victims of religious fanatic insurgents and various effect on people
Category: Religion | Published: 2006-07-25


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