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Sreelakshmy vijayan uma

I really love writing and reading and so I have started an account in this site. I feel writing as a best way to express one's view, and this opinion made me interested in writing....and this interest will continue till my heart beat.

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The Naked face
The story is so thrilling and the reader feels like reading it on a full stretch. This is Sidney Sheldon’s first book and he proves that one cannot put down his book from reading it.
Category: Books | Published: 2010-07-14

The moral tale of Ravi
Once upon a time there lived a naughty boy named Ravi. To him, everything was like having fun. Often his mother scolded him for his mischief. But he never heard her advice.
Category: Literature | Published: 2010-07-14

Importance of alertness among the people
Meaning of alertness is watchful or vigilant. We often give not much importance for being alert. It can cause several harm for us.
Category: Safety | Published: 2009-05-27

Vicky and his magic land
Once upon a time there lived a dreamy boy named Vicky. He always lived in the world of fantasies.
Category: Literature | Published: 2009-05-03

Indira Gandhi - My inspiration
Indira Gandhi, the first women prime minister of India inspires me. When I read her life story I started to venerate her. It is a truth that I adopted her single actions in my life.
Category: Inspirational | Published: 2009-05-03

My journey to Thirupathi
On an April Saturday, we set out our journey to Thirupathi, one of the famous temples in South India. In the 4.35 pm train, we finally started the long three-four hours trip.
Category: Travel (General) | Published: 2009-04-14

Global Warming
Global warming is one of the major problems faced at the global level. It is the abnormal increase in environmental temperature due to continuous accumulation of gaseous pollutant.
Category: Science (General) | Published: 2009-03-24

A visit to Pallikarni Lake, Chennai
On 2nd February, the day which is celebrated as Wetland day throughout the world.
Category: Travel (General) | Published: 2009-02-07

What appeals to me in Gandhi's life and thought
The great leader and the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi is the man I admire the most.
Category: Literature | Published: 2009-01-17

A tale of mala
Mala was very happy, when her result came. She has passed her eleventh grade with distinction. She announced her result proudly to her parents, neighbors and friends.
Category: Literature | Published: 2009-01-17

A dream of a girl
Tadha was a milk woman with many dreams to fulfill. She dreamed to own a big milk company, a bungalow, a sweet spouse and enough money to live.
Category: Literature | Published: 2009-01-17

It is a story about a fourteen year old boy who has joined in M16 as an inheretence to his uncle, who was a spy.
Category: Books | Published: 2008-08-02

Removal of Beggars
Beggars can be removed only if strict efforts are made. many organisations have came up, but the problem is still existing. little children are kidnapped and are affected.
Category: Inspirational | Published: 2008-06-11

Teachers plays a vital role in their life. they are responsible for molding the future heroes and heroines. they should not be rude and partial.
Category: Education | Published: 2008-05-07

Wuthering Heights
Wuthering Heights is the name of a big mansion. Earnshaw was it's owner. he brought Heathcliff to his house. Later Heathcliff became its in charge
Category: Books | Published: 2008-05-07

A Masarwa woman named Margaret came to a village named Dilepe. She faces descriminations there, but later she was married to the chief, which solves the problems faced by Masarwas, the minors.
Category: Books | Published: 2008-04-30

The Heaven Shop
This story is about three children who escaped from their relatives to have a good life with their loving grandmother when their parents died.
Category: Books | Published: 2008-04-30

The world she knew
This is the story about a girl who wished to be independent and who started to live alone in another place without any known relative, but a friend.
Category: Books | Published: 2008-04-24

Tom's Midnight garden
Tom's brother gets ill and he was forced to leave him to his aunty's house. He gets bored until he finds a garden there in every midnight.
Category: Books | Published: 2008-04-24

Florence Nightingale
This is a brief description about the life of the lady with a lamp, Florence Nightingale. She devoted her life for the sick and ill.
Category: Books | Published: 2008-04-23

Gary Paulson, described the story, Hatchet, wonderfully. it's about the story of a young lad named Brian.
Category: Books | Published: 2008-04-23

Diary of the human shield
Glend Lockwood, wrote this book regarding her experience during her time in Kuwait (war) and with Saddam Hussein
Category: Books | Published: 2008-04-23

Charlie Chaplin
This is the brief description about the life of the great artist CHARLIE CHAPLIN. his life and attitude is a moral to every body.
Category: Books | Published: 2008-04-23

Living with Elders
Living with elders is little difficult. But, living with them will give us many changes in our personality.
Category: People | Published: 2008-04-23

it is not hard to find friends, but it's really hard to have a good friend
Category: Relationships | Published: 2008-04-23

The Dream that Came True
This story is about a poor girl named Naledi. She has dreams like other kids but she refuses to express them to their parents, because she know their troubles.
Category: Arts and Entertainment (general) | Published: 2008-03-20

We have come across many known unmarried women in our life. when we learn about their life, we find that they are more successful. Some of them are Mother theresa, Helen Keller etc..
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-03-19

There are a lot of people in this world and the number are increasing day by day. they too have a lot of tales to tell about their life and also we have a lot to learn from them.
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-03-18

This is about the friend who were lost in the past. the narrator was very sad due to it, but he changed himself when he got new ones. At the end he becomes excited when he meet his old friends.
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-03-15

Blue rose
This is about a blue rose. The narrator tells how her life has changed after the entry of blue rose in her life.
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-03-15

I have a best friend
its about the qualities of a best friend. However finding a best friend with these qualities are very difficult but its good to have one with some of these qualities
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-03-04

My Wishes
This poem is about wishes of the narrator, which are very very hard to satisfy.
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-03-04

The journey to Who am I
My journey
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-02-09

My brother
About my brother
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-02-05

my parents
about my parents
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-01-12

A poem
the great day
Category: Poetry | Published: 2008-01-12


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