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rajinder bibra

The author has been writing in English and his mother tongue Punjabi for the last over eighteen years. In the process he has published fifteen books, six in English and nine in Punjabi. His writings primarily focus on philosophy and spiritual quest with a scientific treatment. His eight novels and one anthology of short stories in Punjabi have been highly acclaimed by littérateurs. His writing got him public recognition in the field of literature.

Prasanthi thoughts
over indulgences in sensual pleasure produce immoral lives
Category: Literature | Published: 2006-08-15

Prasanthi thoughts
author asks;do the poor need religion more than the food?
Category: Literature | Published: 2006-08-06

Prasanthi thoughts
author warns about an elite class of masters, who are exploiting innocents people.
Category: Literature | Published: 2006-07-31

prasanthi thoughts
prasanthi thought
Category: Literature | Published: 2006-07-28

Seeking knowledge
knowledge --- that leads to 'real' knowldge.
Category: Literature | Published: 2006-07-27

Prasanth thoughts
abstract thoughts--in search of the fundamental truth about creation
Category: Literature | Published: 2006-07-24


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