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Writing Poetry: A Journey In Verse

Poetry, writing, poetic verse

So you want to write poetry and are not sure where to start?

Writing poetry is a magical journey in verse. Poetry of today, as in centuries past, has some degree of structure yet with the evolution of poetry writing over the years poetic verse has taken on somewhat less structure and a greater emphasis on a freestyle form.

That is not to say that the more traditional forms of poetry are frequently used today. In fact, as a beginning writer of poetry one might wisely choose to write poetic verse in the more traditional forms. After acquiring some degree of competence you may feel more comfortable in a more relaxed form or structure to your writing style.

A key to writing success, whether it be poetry or the many other genres of writing, is the ability to consistently draw upon the virtually infinite resources available in order to avoid that dreaded "writer's block" syndrome often referred to by professional or aspiring writers.

The writer of poetry is surrounded by an endless stream of writing subjects. Look around you, hear the vast and unique array of sounds that envelope your person. Tune in or "focus" acutely to those things that you sense or experience in your daily life. What do you see, hear, smell, touch, feel both in the physical sense as well as the emotional sense.

Poetry is a melting pot of deeply personal experiences and emotions that the author of poetry lives from one day to the next. Poetry sets itself quite apart from other genres of writing because of the very personal side of its contents that avid poetry readers are drawn to and so strongly relate to.

Writing poetry is indeed a remarkable journey. It is a form of self-expression that often stimulates the reader's emotions to the point of leaving the reader with a deep sense of satisfaction and a strong desire to read more of the author's works...over and over again.

I have received many comments from readers of my writing expressing sincere appreciation for sharing what undoubtedly was a very personal and profound experience and the piece brought the reader to tears, to laughter, to wonderment...and so much more.

The most important rule for poetry writing is that the subject matter should be from the writer's actual personal experience. This results in the piece coming across as genuine, credible, and generally of much greater interest to the reader.

Refer to any poetry book or go online to the countless number of poetry forums, websites and weblogs and look at the subject matter. Although there is a tremendous variety of subjects embellished upon in contemporary and age-old poetry there are a number of themes that have remained constant throughout the centuries including romance, death, abstract, fantasy, nature, the environment, politics, war and conflict, addiction.

Poetry is above all else a picture painted with words, a portrait, an accounting, a reflection of the writer's own perceptions or observations of his or her personal experiences or the world that surrounds them in all its splendor...and its imbalance and sadness too.

Poetry is a powerful writing medium. It takes the writer and reader to places they have or have never been. Poetry is emotion, insight, adventure, an inquisitive journey, a fantasy...poetry is whatever its writer and its reader envisions it to be.

If you want to write poetry rest assured that there is truly an endless resource of subjects available to the writer. With a clear focus and an open mind, indeed a willingness to share what is often so deeply personal, writing poetry is truly an exceptional and rewarding experience.

There are many forums available today for the beginning writer to utilize as a starting point, a place to get your feet wet in the world of published writing, and many of them free. The internet itself offers a vast array of posting resources such as forums, websites, weblogs where the aspiring writer can post their writing for critical feedback.

Like anything else, accomplished poetry writing comes not instantly but with much time and practice, refining, editing, and critique from other more experienced writers. Poetry has a growing audience and the number of poetry writers has increased exponentially in recent years.

Explore the world of poetry writing and the many rewards and personal satisfaction that accompany this form of written expression. It is truly unique and an endless journey.
Published: 2006-07-17
Author: Don MacIver

About the author or the publisher
Author and poet Don MacIver resides on an island in the Pacific northwest off the west coast of Canada. His writings include a diverse range of themes and are receiving critical acclaim from devoted readers and fellow writers worldwide.

The author has self published his first book "Journeys In Verse" and his second poetry book titled "Touched By A Rose" is nearing completion.

Many of the author's works have appeared in internet forums, his website and online journal.

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