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Wuthering Heights


Wuthering Heights is the name of a mansion which was owned by Mr. Earnshaw. Once he brought a child named Heathcliff, to Wuthering Heights. Catherine and Hindley were Earnshaw’s children. Catherine was fond of Heathcliff, but Hindley was not.

In the later years, Earnshaw died and Catherine was married to Edgar Linton, who lived in Granges and he was also a rich man. Ellen Dean was her trustworthy servant. Hindley’s son’s name was Hareton. They lived in Wuthering Heights, meantime Cathy left to Granges. However Catherine was fond of Heathcliff, even though Heathcliff ran away from her after her marriage. Due to this, Edgar hated Heathcliff. After a long time, Heathcliff returned. Cathy was very happy to meet him. Edgar who loved Cathy very much permitted her to see him. But Edgar’s sister started to romance Heathcliff. Soon they both ran away.

Later they settled in Wuthering Heights. Due to Heathcliff’s rude behavior, his wife ran away from. Mean time Cathy died; her child was named as Catherine. Edgar’s sister also died, she named her child as Linton. Later Linton was taken care by his father, Heathcliff. In the later days, young Catherine and Linton romanced and Heathcliff forced them to marry, while Edgar was ill. Soon after Edgar’s death, young Cathy was taken to Wuthering Heights. Linton died. Young Cathy who was angered at Hareton, soon became a friend of him and at the same time, Heathcliff became weaker, then died.

Ellen became the in charge. Meantime the Granges were rented to Mr. Lockwood. It was he who learnt and told this whole story to the readers through his house keeper.

Published: 2008-05-07
Author: Emily Bronte

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