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Yes I Can Make a Difference


In this twenty-first century our INDIA is a well-recognized country.

A country which plays important role in international economy, USA AND INDIA has signed a nuclear deal. Even after such accomplishments INDIA is still suffering from high poverty and unequal distribution of monetary powers in its people, I feel it is because of the corrupt officers, ministers and even for the corrupt government. We are always cribbing about the administration, people have tried to change the system but nothing much has been done. Now point is this that how we can change the condition of our country, how we can eradicate the word corruption from our country. In today’s date people have the attitude of whatever is happening let it happen only they should be comfortable with there family, in one word they are being selfish, young generation is opting for multi nationals company or high paid salary some are even planning to find a job abroad and settle there this is pathetic for the country, we should remember that we the young minds are the future of INDIA and we should work for its progress and prosperity. Non political families don’t want their child to be a part of politics as it is full of red tapirs and bureaucracy. Youth of INDIA should change their attitude towards the country’s political scenario and think of joining political fields and higher administrative services so that they can have the powers to bring the difference in the lives of ordinary people of the country .They should set high standards and principals to stop bribing and back stabbing which is predominantly being practiced by higher government officials for their own benefits. We should know the fact that people with conscience should replace the charlatan and cold blooded lechers present in INDIAN government .So this is the right time to take a pledge by the generation next to work towards to change the general impression of the country . We should make a difference like our great leaders LAL BHADUR SHASTRI, BR AMBEDKAR, MAHATMA GANDHI, and JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU made for our country and then only we would be proud to be an INDIAN. By
Ganga.Ram.Marg new delhi-110060 CLASS- 9TH
Published: 2007-05-26

About the author or the publisher
i am RADHIKA SHARMA ,i want to become a writer a succesful one ,as i have intrest in writing , i study in class 9th and i am thankful to this website for giving me a chance i am still learning and want some guidence so that i can say my thoughts more beutifully and i also write stories and poetry and i am sendind you a article plus a story too .

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