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You Never LIve Your Own Desire: The Orphan Desire Versus The Other's Need


We Never Live in Our Desire: The Orphan Desire Versus The Others Need

Much of us never think or can’t differ a desire and a need. For much of us, this two faculties are the different process naming from the same thing or situation. In the case of someone who wants to buy a new car, handphone, computer, for example, that person never think about the difference between a need and a desire. In the philosophy of desire, this two faculties or situation are differed each other.

Philosophy of desire define the desire as a magnificient, wonderfull faculty that enable human to create something. Beside this wonderfull condition, the desire is defined as human’s faculty that can’t be predicted and untouchable by logic. Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari name this unpredicted as nomadic condition of desire. The man who see, contemplate, and live in this nomadic desire named skizo. Skizo never give him or self to be prisoned by any ideology, social acclamation, “-ism”, or self definition. He or she lives in his own desire, never escape him/herself from this desire.

But, all of us want something that exact, understandable, and predicable. Based on this assumsi, people want to live on real life, something exact, clear, rational, surely. For this real life, people must escape from his/her desire. In other words, the nomadic desire must be prisoned as “an orphan desire” or be killed. Then, everything rational, surely, clearly from social domain “tatoed” in the person’s body/life: technology, culture, social acclamation, kindship circle, ideology, religion, way of life, custom, every thing. Every thing is lived without filteritation process. In this way of life, human’s self definition is defined by social acclamation. The need is a gate way to this social acclamation. The dominant people’s need (the mode) is password for self definition. It’s meant that self definition defined and depended on the mode. If that time, the dominan people uses and has a car, a handphone, someone wants to use or to own acar or handphone too. In this simple case, someone wants something (meant: live their life) because the other use and has it. Human lives the others’ need.

This is the history of human’s civilitation, according to philosophy of desire. For self definition and social acclamation, human live something that is the other’s need, not his/her own. What will you choose?

Published: 2007-01-16
Author: Agustinus Hartono

About the author or the publisher
Male, not married, fresh graduated in philosophy.I'm very interested in writing articles or books about philosophy or politic. On march of 2007, I publish my first book tittled "Skizoanalisis:Sebuah Genealogi Hasrat".In this book,i claim that the history based on ratio had produced an unconsciousness abnormality.Therefore,I invite you to live your life based on your desire to live the real life.nowadays,all of us can say that it's a new era of

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