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You suspect your teen is taking drug? The saliva drug test might be for you

saliva drug test

Teenager have access to greater variety of drugs

When I was younger, I knew some kids who took drugs, but there weren’t that many. Most of the time, it was quite obvious to everyone anyway. Today though, there are more different types that teenagers may be trying, and some are not as obvious as they used to be. That means parents have more to worry about, and when they have concerns, there has to be something that they can do to find out what is really going on. This is why the saliva drug test can be so useful for parents of teenagers.

Saliva can't be faked

The saliva drug test can help parents, but they need to be timely when the administer them. They generally only pick up drugs that have been taken within the last week, if that. Many consider them to be very good though, and can rival the results that will come back with a urine or even a blood test. What’s better is that they are very easy to take, and there really isn’t much a teenager can do to fake the saliva for the test. When using urine, it’s easy for them to switch samples when given the test.

Don't ask a teenager to take the test for no reason

The price of a saliva drug test will depend on where it is processed. This is often not very expensive, but if a child may be doing drugs, this might be the best money spent. It will either signal a huge problem, or show once and for all that strange behavior might just be that of a normal teenager. You should know that when you ask your child to take a saliva drug test, your relationship is going to change, but that’s not always a bad thing. However, it is a good idea to almost sure something is going on before you ask them to take one.

Stereotype and cheating tests

Parents should also know that though their child may be a star student, they may still be on something. They should also know that their child, even if a loner who seems to have few interests, may not be. Don’t go by stereotype, but instead, go with true signs of drug abuse. Parents should also know that there are web sites online that claim to have ways to beat the saliva drug test and any other type that is out there. If you suspect they may be cheating, or keeping something from you, look through their computer history to see if they have been to such a site. No one wants to think this could happen to them, but it is far better to know than to allow your child to continue to ruin their life.
Published: 2007-10-02
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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